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Home made French Fries (Restaurant type)

French Fries — My daughters favorite, and if it is Restaurant type Wow, cant imagine 🙂

French Fries

I was absolutely happy and satisfied when i saw that French fries can be made as crispy and delicious as we get from Mc – Donalds (my daughters favorite), or any.

Russet potatoes are best for french fries , but u can use any long potato of ur choice and availability.

And let us have a quick look to Know How to make these french fries crisp.


Potato – 900gms (preferably Russet)
Vinegar – 2 table spoon

Salt – 2 tsp


Oil – to deep fry (any oil – preferably palm oil or peanut oil)

Method :

1. Heat the water in a large wok, add salt to the water.

2. Mean while Peal the potatoes, cut them in 1/4 to 1/4 inch sizes and sprinkle and mix vinegar to it.

3. Add the potatoes to the hot water, bring it to boil wait for 10 min then drain off the water and allow the potatoes to dry on paper towels for 5 min.

4. Now u need to freeze the fries, this can be done in 2 ways:

  • U can keep the drained and dried in zip pouch in batches, for atleast 2 hours before frying
  • U can also fry it once in Hot Oil (400 F) for 50 seconds, then cool them and make it into batches to store in freezer. In this way it can be used to upto 2 months 🙂

5. When all set to server, Take the pouch from the freezer, Heat oil to about 400F and then add the add the fries and reduce the heat so that the potatoes cook well, but be sure that is is not too low as well. So Keep it in medium heat, for about 3 mins

6. Quickly put them out on Paper towel and drain out the excess oil. and Serve it hot.

Try this recipe and enjoy 🙂


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