Dessert / North Indian Cusine / Payasam

Carrot Kheer – Indian Cusine

Carrot Kheer – One of the favorite sweet in Indian cuisine made from Carrot and Milk.

This is an instant recipe using condensed milk, but this is absolutely delicious.


1. Carrot : 1kg

2. Milk : 3 cups

3. Sugar : 2 tbs

4. Condensed milk : 1 tin

5. Cardamom powder : one pinch

6. Cashews, raisins, almonds (fried in ghee for garnish)


1. Clean carrot and cut it into 5″ cylinders.

2. Pressure cook carrot in milk and sugar. Put it in High flame and on the first whistle reduce the flame and allow for one more whistle. Switch off the stove and let it cool.

carrotKheer 13. After the cooker is cooled, care fully open the lid. Drain the carrot out of the milk, to the mixer Jar. Keep the milk for further cooking. Grind the carrot to a fine paste.

4. Pour milk into a pan add carrot paste stir well, add condensed milk and stir.

5. When the dish is thick remove from flame.

6. Saute nut and raisins in ghee and add over the kheer for garnishing

Delicious Carrot Kheer can be server hot or chilled, enjoy 🙂


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