North Indian Cusine / Paratha

Lachcha Paratha – Multi layered Indian flat bread

Lachcha Paratha – Multi layered Indian flat bread.

Most of us love this dish, hows it if we prepare it at home, nothing can be much better.

No much effort needed for this, if u decide to make chapatti tonight, knead  the dough an hour before u usually prepare the chappati dough and a bit more effort and gain all appreciations.

Paratha can be made from with different flavors.

Now let us see the ingredients and method to make the most favorite multi layered Lachcha Paratha.


1. All – Purpose flour (Maida) – 1/2 cup

2. Wheat flour – 1/2 cup

(If you wish to have only maida , u can replace the wheat flour with maida.)

3. Luke warm water or milk – 1 cup (Add little by little to knead the dough for the consistency of roti or chappatti dough)

4. Oil – 3 tbsp

5. Salt to taste.


1. Mix the dry ingredients together, maida, wheatflour and salt, add a tablespoon of oilStep 1

2. Then knead the flour, using luke warm water or milk to a dough with the consistency of a roti dough, cover it with a wet cloth, close with lid  and keep it aside for an hour.

3. After an hour, Knead the dough again slightly and divide it into smaller balls. Take each ball and flatten it on a chappatti making stone using a chappatti roller into a thin round sheet.

(Till the above step everything is similar to a normal chappatti, from the next step makes the difference and brings out Step 2the ever loved Lachcha Chappatti ;) )

4. Brush oil on a face of the flattened sheet and dust this face with dry flour.

5. Fold this sheet in the form of a Japanese fan.

6. Stretch the folded dough from both sides as long as possible (Don’t get worried as this will not tear off as it contains maida)step 3

7. Start rolling the stretched dough from one end, when it is completed it will be like the picture

8. Keep the prepared dough aside for 15 min.

9. Now flatten this folded dough into round parathas and heat it on

10. While heating on stove top, we can see that one side is done when air bubbles appear in the paratha, in this position turn the paratha for the other side to be done.

11. Apply oil to the done face , then turn the paratha again.step 5

After both sides are done . Hmm u see u have delicious restaurant type Lachcha (multi layered) Paratha.

Isn’t it absolutely easy, not a big deal just a matter of bit more time. And when made at home healthier for sure. Friends do try this recipe and let me know if any issues come in.

Thanks Enjoy Cooking :)


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