Payasam / South Indian

Yam Kheer (Chena Payasam)

Chena Payasam – sounds a bit different rite 🙂 All might think , wont it be bitter , the answer is a big NO 🙂

Most of are not much found of yam :D. But how about making it tasty with  jaggery (the unrefined cane sugar) and coconut milk into a sweet dessert.

Yam have absolutely high nutrition value and good for ladies especially as it improves estrogen production.

Lets see how it can be made yummy 🙂


1. Yam – 1/2 kg (cut into pieces)

2. Coconut  milk – 1 coconut (thick milk – 1 cup, thin milk – 3 cups )حشقهححع

3. Salt – a pinch

4. Jaggery – 250gms (melted and strained )

5. Cashew and Raisins (Fried in ghee)

6. Coconut pieces (chopped very thin) (Fried to brown in ghee)

7. jeera powder, cardamom powder and dried ginger powder – a pinch each


1. Cook yam in thin coconut milk, u can pressure cooker it as well, add salt to it. (please be sure that salt is not added too much, it is OK even if u avoid it.)

2. If pressure cooker used , then after a whistle, switch off the stove and allow it to cool. Strain the yam and preserve the milk.

Check the yam if it can be smashed then it is done.

3. Smash the yam using a spoon or hand blended, or smasher or spatula (what ever convenient and available :))

4. In an wide wok, add the smashed yam, the preserved coconut milk and jaggery syrup ( u can adjust according to taste, and sweetness required).

5. When the content gets thickened add the thick Coconut milk to it. Just heat it, don’t allow to boil and remove it from stove.

6. Add the spices (7th ingredient) and fried nuts and coconut.

Serve hot or u can even serve it after refrigerating, both are heavenly.

Do try, enjoy and let me know 🙂


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