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Pal Payasam – (Rice Kheer) – Pressure Cooker Version

Pal Payasam -The first usage that comes in is Ambalappuzha pal payasam.

The following recipe will bring you the same delicious ever appreciated Ambalappuzha pal payasam, in a much faster mode as we use Pressure Cooker, which saves time and Energy ;), without Condensed milk 😀


1. Basmati Rice – 2 tbsp (or Payasam Rice – Raw rice)

Anyways basmati also comes out good don’t worry. 🙂

2. Ghee – 1tbsp

3. Milk – 4 cups (Full cream will give best result) ~ 1 ltr

4. Sugar – 1/2 Cup to 1 cup according to ur sweet desire 🙂

4. Cardamom powder – a pinch


1. Roast the rice in 1 tsp ghee for few minutes, don’t make it brown.

2. Grind the roasted rice in a mixture, please don’t grind it too much. Rice should be just broken and not powdered finely.

3. Place a cooker, add ghee at the bottom so that the milk doesn’t burn, add broken rice and boiled hot milk.

Tip : Put a small plate or a spoon or a small vessel to prevent the milk from boiling over and spilling.

4. Close the pressure cooker and keep the flame in high. Once steam starts coming, put the weight and keep it in very low flame.

5. After the 1st whistle or 30 min switch off . Open and see after the cooker cools completely. Please don’t be in a hurry else you will not get the perfect pudding 🙂step-3

If the milk has not thickened, boil for some more time in low flame.

6. After 30-40 min the Payasam will be thick enough and creamy.

7. Add sugar and cardamon powder to the payasam.

Tip : Sugar can be added initially as well when u keep the rice to cook.

U need not used roasted nuts and raisins, it tastes heavenly even without it.

Serve hot , its delicious even when chilled 🙂


1. When u use Payasam rice u can skip first two steps.

2. You can use any heavy bottomed pan for preparing this payasam/kheer. But the latter takes more time.

3. U can use saffron and rose water that adds taste.

You will not get the pink color in the conventional method. But by pressure cooking with the accurate measurement of ingredients you will get that pinkish creamy texture even without adding a drop of condensed milk.DSC04325

U can have a look at my Sweet boli recipe which is best combination usually served in Onam Sadhya.

Enjoy Cooking 🙂


4 thoughts on “Pal Payasam – (Rice Kheer) – Pressure Cooker Version

    • Hi Devi,
      It is actually 1/3 Cup ~ 2 tbsp. and about grinding rice, no need of finely grinding it, just to make it broken to have the same texture. This step is not mandatory.

      u can avoid the first 2 steps and directly add all ingredients to a pressure cooker still it will taste heavenly 🙂


  1. Wow… This tastes awesome… Thanx for the recipe… Hope to see more delicious dishes… Please continue sharing the recipes… Thank you

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